Rooftop Greenhouse Grabs Attention Of Prime Minister

Image courtesy Lufa Farms.

An urban agricultural company has been so successful that it recently prompted a visit from the Prime Minister.

Lufa Farms recently finished its third high-tech greenhouse in Montreal and Justin Trudeau stopped by to see the 63,000 square foot structure in full production.

The rooftop greenhouse grows over 40 varieties of produce, year-round.

Lauren Rathmell, co-founder of Lufa Farms, says the company was started around a passion for rooftop farming.

She notes successful urban agriculture requires help from sustainable farmers, advanced technology and direct-to-client distribution.

She also jokes that when the company started, she didn’t even know how to grow a tomato, but with the sum of the parts all working together as a whole, the three Lufa greenhouses are even more successful than she could have hoped.

Lufa Farms is now in its sixth year of operation and delivers more than 10,000 food baskets every week.