4-H Project Takes St. Anne’s Student Across Canada

Evan Krebs at the 4-H Canada Science Fair. (Photo provided by 4-H Canada)

When he started his 4-H project last year, Evan Krebs had no idea where his experiment with biofuels for tractors would take him.

The St. Anne’s grade 12 student participated in the 4-H Canada Science Fair in Truro, Nova Scotia earlier this month.

Having been named one of five winners, he’ll head to Regina to compete in the Canada-Wide Science Fair this May.

The Hensall native says he’s not done experimenting yet.

“Somebody in Nova Scotia said to me ‘what if, at times when you need maximum power, like when going up a hill with a full load, would it be possible to switch it back to diesel just for a short time just to boost power for when you need it?’

So I’m going to investigate a little bit more on that, and rework my system so that the operator driving the tractor can make the decision to switch over to straight diesel when he needs maximum power.”

Krebs adds he’s excited to test his vegetable-based fuels outside soon, as he expects even better results with the warmer air.