Volunteering Important For Youth To Gain Skills And Opportunities

Amanda Brodhagen at the International Plowing Match & Rural Expo holding fundraiser custom gate sign.

Having been involved with Perth County Junior Farmers since the age of 15, Amanda Brodhagen has learned much in her time as a member and a director.

She feels groups like the Junior Farmers are important, as it helps equip youth with the skills they need to be successful later in life.

Brodhagen notes helping out at events can be a benefit to the volunteer, as much as it is to those they’re helping.

“I think it’s not recognized enough with our generation, the importance of volunteering. But it can really provide a boost to a career. It can provide a ton of networking opportunities . And, it’s also a great way to give back.”

The former Director of Marketing for the Junior Farmers’ Association of Ontario notes two young women she’s mentored are already seeing the fruits of their labour.

Chrystal Blake has been elected to the seat of Director of Marketing for the provincial group, while Tina Straatjof was elected Social Media Coordinator.

Brodhagen also points out how important it is for advocacy within agriculture.

“Telling our story is now more crucial than ever. If we don’t tell our story, someone else will do it for us.”