Egg Production Is Up While Poultry Inventories Are Down

Canadian egg production continues to rise while poultry numbers have leveled off.

Statistics Canada reports egg production was up to 64.4 million dozen during the month of January.

That’s a 5.2 per cent increase from the same month in 2016.

Production in Ontario increased a little less than the national average, up 3.8 per cent, or 900,000 dozen, from a year ago.

The price of eggs per dozen in the province was up .1 cents, while overall Canadian egg prices rose by an average of .7 cents to a little over $1.53 a dozen.

StatsCan notes national placements of hatchery chicks in February was down slightly from 2016.

It also points out stocks of frozen poultry meat in cold storage to start March were at 77,000 tonnes, down 1 and a half per cent from a year ago and 3,000 tonnes from a month earlier.