Farm Representatives Forming Bio-Offset Coalition photo

Over 75 agricultural leaders from across the country have come together to form the Coalition on Offset Solutions.

Members represented include crop and livestock organizations, NGO’s, universities, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the government.

The goal of the group is to advocate the creation of a global Bio-Offset Hub, and a dedicated $30 million multi-year innovation and research fund.

The hub will then serve as a multi-stakeholder network for funding agencies and the government to collaborate and develop carbon reducing policies and programs.

Karen Haugen-Kozyra, President of environmental consulting firm Viresco Solutions, feels biological offsets can be incredibly valuable to Canada’s environment and economy.

She says wisely using Canadian farmland, wetlands, grasslands and forests is essential for addressing climate change.

The group also notes Canada’s biological sector, which includes agriculture, forestry, wetlands, and municipal waste, represents over 30 per cent of the country’s carbon reducing potential.