Cattle Price Surge Slows Down

Beef cattle grazing in Huron County. (Photo by Ray Baynton)

After making significant gains for most of the month, Ontario cattle sales took a step back last week.

The Beef Farmers of Ontario report slight losses in fed steer and heifer prices.

Steers sold at an average of $157.53, down 78 cents from a week earlier.

Heifer prices dipped by $1.06, selling at $155.24.

BFO notes the 2,200 cull cows sold through auctions dipped by $1.18.

The average of $80.87 is still within five dollars of prices from this time last year.

Bucking the downward trend was the Ontario railgrade market, which saw prices rise by an average of $5.00 throughout the week.

The farmers also point out, thanks to two special sales, stocker and feeder cattle receipts last week were up by more than 3,000, which sold with mix results but mostly stronger.