Huron-Bruce MP Feels Federal Budget Announcement Is Ironic For Ag Sector

Ben Lobb, Huron-Bruce Conservative incumbent (photo by Bob Montgomery)

Huron-Bruce MP Ben Lobb feels the latest federal budget contains some irony when it comes to the agricultural sector.

He says the industry was named as a target for growth, yet there’s very little money in the new budget for farm-related improvement.

“From primary agriculture producers that we have here in Huron-Bruce, there is no new money. The issues that our producers will have moving forward is that there appears to be a period of lower commodity prices at this time, in addition to the fact that a carbon tax is being implemented and it’ll be a 10 to 15 dollars an acre extra cost to farmers,” says Lobb.

“There was no investment there from the government to help mitigate those factors and that’s a disappointment.”

Lobb notes the budget could have at least targeted the environmental side of the industry and put money into the Environmental Farm Plan.

The MP adds next year’s budget is vitally important as the Growing Forward 2 program is ending.

He’s hoping the government will step up and make sure there’s funding for business risk management programs, as well as money for continued innovation to help farmers work their way into the next decade.