Traceability Programs Coming To All Canadian Livestock Next Year

Goat featuring a traceability identification tag. (Photo courtesy Canadian National Goat Federation)

Canada’s pork sector has been working under a full traceability program since the start of the decade, and it’ll soon be joined by others.

Changes in Canada’s Health of Animals Act will put cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock under traceability programs as well.

When the changes kick in some time next year, livestock producers will be required to tag each animal with a unique ID number and track all movements to other farms, finishers, and processors.

The Canadian National Goat Federation feels the regulations will improve the ability of each livestock industry to protect farms and other parts of the supply chain in the event of any disease outbreaks.

CNGF President Linda Underwood says the changes are welcomed as traceability helps keep the food system secure.

She also feels the program will help domestic and international sales, as it creates confidence for buyers of Canadian products.