(photo by Victor Young)

Ontario Hog Production Increase Ahead Of National Numbers

Canadian hog production and slaughter is right on pace with last year but Ontario producers seem to be pushing ahead of the curve.

Agriculture and Agri-food Canada reports Ontario slaughter is now 50,000 head, or about 5 per cent more than at this time last year.

Canadian slaughter so far is only a half per cent higher than in 2016, as is total pork production.

AAFC notes prices across the country at the midpoint of March were up between 6 and 10 points from a year ago.

Ontario prices are up by 9 per cent, the equivalent of 17 dollars per hundred kilograms dressed weight.

Scott Brown of the University of Missouri says U.S. cash hogs and pork cut-outs have both been steady over the last week.

He points out a new Consumer Sentiment report looks positive for producers as there’s continued strength in demand.