PigTrace Financial Penalties Now In Effect

Photo courtesy Farm & Food Care Ontario

Farmers failing to comply with PigTrace may find their piggy-banks lightened.

As of this past Wednesday, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has been enabled to apply financial penalties to repeat offenders.

Earlier this month, the Canadian Government gave the CFIA permission to do so.

The Canadian Pork Council says CFIA inspectors can use their discretion to enforce penalties.

Education and verbal notices will be given to first time offenders. Those who repeat will get a letter of non-compliance.

If a producer gains enough offenses, a financial penalty will be handed out.

The Council suggests the fine to be approximately 1,300 dollars, which would be classed as a “minor violation.”

According to the Agency, fines are rare. The total number handed out in 2015 for cattle, sheep, and bison was 16.

Since PigTrace became mandatory two years ago, the CPC reports more than 1.2 million recorded movement events by Canadian pig producers.