PED Vaccine Getting Positive Testing Results

Pig farmers worried about PED may get some comfort in the near future.

A vaccination to protect against Pocine Epidemic Diarrhea currently being tested by VIDO-Intervac is apparently getting results.

Associate Director of Research Dr. Volker Gerdts says the vaccine results have shown to be between 80 and 90 per cent effective.

Testing has been done with pigs at three different commercial units in Saskatchewan, all with different genetics and different management practices.

Dr. Gerdts also praises the help they’ve received from local vets over the past two years of research.

The vaccine is given to sows four to five weeks before they farrow, and again two weeks prior, so the piglets can receive the immunity through the colostrum.

Gerdts says the vaccine against PED has been licensed for commercialization and will hit the market as soon as possible.