Ag Minister Issues Directive On OPVG Pricing Powers Proposal

Jeff Leal, Ontario Minister of Agriculture and Food

Ontario’s Agriculture Minister has stepped into the dispute over the price negotiating powers of the Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers marketing board.

The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission is considering a proposal to remove those powers.

However, concerns have been raised about both the proposal and what some are calling the shortness and poor timing of the public consultation period.

Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal is directing the commission to develop a plan for further engagement and consultation with interested parties and stakeholders on the issue.

He’s also told the┬ácommission not to implement any changes to the existing regulatory framework applicable to the vegetable processing industry until there has been what the minister calls, “a fulsome public consultation and engagement process that adheres to the principles outlined in his directive.”

Leal says the provincial government expects any amendments will be consistent with the needs of both processing vegetable producers and Ontario processors.