Federally-Slaughtered Hogs Up 1.2% From 2015

The number of hogs slaughtered federally in Canada so far this year is up 1 point 2 per cent from a year ago.

Agriculture and AgriFood Canada reports almost 12 million head slaughtered so far this year compared to about 11 point 8 million head a year ago.

The Ontario weekly hog price for the week ending August 6th was down just over 2 per cent from the same week in 2015.

The weekly Missouri University Hog Outlook reports just over 2 point 2 million hogs were slaughtered in the U-S last week.

That’s up 2 per cent from the week before and up almost 1 per cent from the same week last year.

The report says the average U-S negotiated barrow and gilt price last week was $60.06 per hundredweight – down $2.20 from the week before and over 20 dollars lower than it was just seven weeks ago.