Ontario-Based Quinoa Grower Says Provincial Harvest 5x What It Was Two Years Ago

Jamie Draves, President and CEO of Katan Kitchens, has been involved in research to develop Ontario-grown quinoa for four years.

The amount of quinoa grown in the province is on the rise.

Jamie Draves, the President and CEO of Katan Kitchens, has more than 500 acres of the crop planted by 36 farmers across Canada.

Most of that is in Ontario.

For years, most of the nation’s quinoa came from South America.

However, with the inconsistencies in the crop produced there, the demand for home-grown quinoa has greatly increased.

The amount harvested in Ontario in 2016 is projected to be about five times more than it was just two years ago.

Draves says that the number of acres grown could triple again next year.