Animal Care Experts Review Egg Layer Undercover Video

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity had a panel of farm animal care experts take a look at the undercover video released by Mercy for Animals July 21st.

The animal rights group says the video was shot at a Gray Ridge egg laying operation near Moorefield.

The panel included Doctor Candace Croney, Doctor Mike Petrik and Doctor Gregory martin.

Doctor Croney is an animal ethicist at Purdue University.

Doctor Petrik is an Ontario-based poultry vet.

Doctor Martin is an animal scientist at Penn State University.

Doctor Croney says some aspects, such as the physical condition of the birds and maintenance of a couple cage areas, are concerning.

However, she points out they are hard to judge without a better view of the entire operation and an understanding of the stage of production of the hens.

Doctor Petrik found the video gives no context to what the barn is actually like in general, suggesting the video was not representative of the barns he works in across the province on a daily basis.

The video showed the head of a dead bird blocking the path of eggs rolling down a trough, something Doctor Martin suggests the camera operator should have acted on – but instead chose to continue filming.

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity is a division of Farm & Food Care Canada.