AgriStability Paperwork Available Early This Year photo

Ontario AgriStability participants will be able to get some of their paperwork three months earlier this year.

The pre-filled 2016 Year-end Report and Claim Form and Statement A will be available July 15th.

According to Agricorp, getting early access to the forms will allow participants with off-calendar year-ends to complete and submit their reports as soon as they’re ready.

They’ll be available on-line or Agricorp will mail personalized forms on request.

If you don’t get them on-line early or have them mailed to you early they will be sent out in the mail next January.

Today (July 14th) is the last day forms for the 2015 Year End Report and Claim Form or Statement A are going to be available on-line.

After today farmers needing those pre-filled forms will need to contact Agricorp directly.