Animal Welfare Groups Differ On Canadian Poultry Code Of Practice

Chickens feeding. File photo.

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and Mercy For Animals have different opinions on the draft code of practice for poultry.

The draft is now open for public comment.

The Federation was involved in setting it up, and says the code establishes the most rigorous standards for egg-laying hens in North America.

The CFHS points out the draft code would set a 15 year time line to eliminate barren battery cages – 5 years sooner than the Egg Farmers of Canada had earlier pledged to meet that target.

Spokesperson Barbara Cartwright says they are definitely seeing significant progress with this draft code.

However, Mercy For Animals argues the draft ignores serious animal welfare problems because it continues to allow the extreme confinement of egg-laying hens in wire cages.

The group is calling for the National Farm Animal Care Council to advise egg farmers to stop using cages entirely when it releases the final version of the code following the public comment period.

The draft code is posted on the NFACC website.

The public comment period wraps up August 29th.