Research Into Greenhouse Vegetable Production photo

Agriculture and AgriFood Canada facilities in London and Harrow are getting some of the federal modernization funding announced this week.

The London Research and Development Centre and the Harrow Research and Development Centre are getting a million dollars.

That goes towards the development of transfer of new technologies for the production and protection of greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals.

The money will also contribute to the development of alternative and environmentally acceptable technologies to protect crops.

Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay says having the right research infrastructure and equipment strengthens the department’s science capacity and its ability to serve the agriculture sector.

He suggests it also helps the industry be more competitive in the global economy.

A total of $37.6 million has been earmarked to modernize Agriculture and AgriFood research stations and labs in Ontario, Quebec, B-C, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Some of the other projects include an expansion of the beef feedlot at the Lacombe Research and Development Centre in Alberta and the installation of a bioreactor at the Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre in Quebec.