Ontario Fed Cattle Marketings Up, Prices Down

Ontario fed cattle prices were down while the sales volume was up last week.

Beef Farmers of Ontario reports the fed steer price was down over 3 dollars, the fed heifer price over a dollar from the week before.

Both were over 40 dollars below where they were a year ago.

Marketings were up about 220 head from the week before.

The Ontario railgrade market was down 1.50 on the week, over 72 dollars on the year.

BFO says it was last year at this time the railgrade market topped out and it’s been declining since then.

Last week’s average cull cow price was up about 75 cents on the week, almost 27 dollars below a year ago.

Replacement cattle sales in Ontario were down about 200 head from the week before but over 11 hundred head more than a year ago.

BFO reports all weights and classes of replacements ended the week holding steady.