New Code For Poultry Industry

Poultry Industry Council.

Canada’s poultry industry has a new Code of Practice, replacing one developed 13 years ago.

It includes both requirements and recommended practices for the poultry industry.

Requirements are based on regulation or an industry imposed expectation. Recommended practices promote producer education and can encourage adoption of practices for continual improvement in animal welfare outcomes.

Among the new code’s requirements are several dealing with housing. The code requires birds have enough space to move freely and be able to stand normally, turn around and stretch their wings without difficulty. The number of birds can’t be more than can be accommodated by the available barn space and equipment, such as feeders, waterers and nest boxes.

And producers are required to use available health and/or injury data to help determine whether on-farm stocking densities are contributing to recurring health and/or welfare problems.

The new poultry industry code of practice was put together by a committee which included poultry farmers, veterinarians, processors, animal welfare and government representatives.

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies representative Doctor Ian Duncan calls the code process an important opportunity for advancing farm animal welfare policy in Canada.