Improving Communication In Poultry Sector Emergencies

It’s being described as a template for future agreements with other members of the Feather Board Command Centre.

Chicken Farmers of Ontario has signed an information-sharing agreement with OMAFRA.

Chair Henry Zantingh says the agreement recognizes the importance of active communication and cooperation between the government and industry in dealing with disease management in the poultry sector.

It’s similar to an agreement CFO signed with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in February.

Under the deal, CFO will exchange information with OMAFRA on farm locations, chicken numbers and type of production of all producers within 10 kilometers of an infected disease hazard.

CFO says the agreement sets out the disclosure rules around that shared information and ensures industry information is kept confidential and only used for appropriate animal health purposes.

Both sides say the agreement will improve response time and effectiveness in managing fast spreading poultry diseases such as influenza A.