Two Huron Watersheds Part Of GLASI Study

The Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association has chosen two watersheds in Huron County to test how effective various agricultural stewardship practices might be in improving soil and water quality.

The study is being conducted by the Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority through the Great Lakes Agriculture Stewardship Initiative or GLASI.

The two watersheds are the Gully Creek watershed just north of Bayfield, and the Garvey Creek-Glenn Drain watershed north of Port Albert.

The Authority’s Mary Veliz points out the impact of watershed management on the land changes from year to year so it’s important to continue the study over and extended period of time.

Veliz explains they’re looking for phosphorous as well as sediment and while agriculture run-off is one souce – it’s not the only source.

She says it rains everywhere and in urban situations it’s just as important to hold that water on the land instead of allowing it to run off into streams.

Veliz suggests with results over an extended period of time they should be able to provide sound advice to landowners about what stewardship practices have proven to be effective in improving soil health and water quality.


Mari Veliz says they’ve been monitoring both watersheds for a couple of years now.


Veliz says both urban and rural properties contribute to water quality problems.