Ag Women’s Network Evolving To Meet Growing Demand

The Ag Women’s Network started out in 2013 as an informal organisation of women in the industry sharing their stories and mentoring each other.

It now has over 1 thousand women connected through it’s Facebook group.

Chair Jennifer Christie says that growth is one of the reasons they’re now launching a new logo and a more formal leadership structure.

“Women across Canada that are working in the agriculture either on farms as producers or they’re working in the agribusiness portion of the industry are looking for connections with other women and want to be able to reach out and share stories and help each other.”

The network has a volunteer leadership team of 9 women with volunteers on a number of action teams – groups responsible for carrying out the organisation’s events as well as its social media and communications efforts.

Christie says those action teams will select the leadership team that will lead the strategy and vision for the organisation.

She says they’re also looking to technology to connect as many women as possible, even those who may not be able to travel to scheduled events.

Research suggests there are not as many women as men in leadership roles in agriculture.

Christie says some of the barriers women face include a lack of empowerment and the feeling they don’t have the skills to contribute.

The Ag Women’s Network is working to help address that through mentoring and empowerment.


Christie says it’s grown to the point where they now have over 1 thousand women connected through their Facebook group.


Part of the network’s evolution, according to Christie, is looking at technology to connect women who may not be able to travel to events.


Christie says research shows there are not that many women in leadership roles in agriculture.