Government Urged To Think Volume, Not Acres, For Neonics photo

The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario suggests the government’s goal of cutting neonic-treated seed acreage by 80 per cent may not be reachable without increasing the use of other pesticides.

The CFFO worries that could lead to the use of pesticides that may have more adverse effects on both pollinators and farmers.

Its suggestion – limit the amount of product applied to seeds.

The CFFO argues that could result in an 80 per cent reduction in pesticides applied, although not necessarily by acreage.

The farm group also suggests there should be a greater financial incentive for the use of untreated seed.

And it’s calling for less documentation to be required to allow the use of the lowest rate of applied pesticide.

According to the CFFO, those modifications should ensure that both bees and farmers are exposed to less pesticide and that all pesticides continue to be used wisely and effectively.

Those recommendations were included in the CFFO’s response to the consultations on the province’s Draft Pollinator Health Action Plan.