Canadian Dairy Xpo’s New Dates Coming Up Next Week

CDXpo Cow Coliseum

The sharing of information and exposure to the latest innovations is invaluable for for the dairy industry moving forward.

That’s according to Jordan Underhill of the Canadian Dairy Xpo.

And Underhill argues that’s what the Stratford event offers to dairy producers from right across the country.

This year’s Xpo moves to April dates after running for it’s first three years in February.

Underhill says they realized last year they were drawing producers from right across the country.

“We knew that was the time to trigger the change to the first week of April when the roads are that much better, and safer, and more efficient for farmers to get to and from the show from across the country and then, also, it was before producers get busy in the fields.”

This year’s Canadian Dairy Xpo has also partnered with Dairy Farmers of Canada to put a real push on the Blue Cow symbol, standing for 100 per cent Canadian milk.

Underhill feels it’s important that producers wear that label to help connect with consumers.

This year visitors to the show will get 10 dollars off their admission if they’re wearing blue cow labelled apparel.

This year’s Canadian Dairy Xpo runs April 6th and 7th at the Stratford Rotary Complex.


Spokesman Jordan Underhill says part of the push to the new dates was the number of producers from every province in the country at the 2015 event.


Underhill says an example of the public-private partnership with the city is a new structure being readied for this year’s event.


Underhill says the event gives producers a chance to come together with their peers and learn from each other.