2015 FAB Bursary Winner Courtney Rogerson, left, with Farm Advisory Board member Heather Frook

2015 FAB Bursary Winner Tracking Iodine Sources In Milk

This year’s winner of the CKNX Radio Farm Advisory Board Bursary is from the Fergus area.

Courtney Rogerson is in the Masters program at the University of Guelph’s Department of Population Medicine.

Her focus is on determining the source of iodine levels in dairy herds.

Rogerson is working with Dairy Farmers of Ontario and a geological survey company to see where soils have high levels of iodine and where there are farms where there are high levels of iodine in the milk.

She says ” from there we’re kinda collaborating to see whether those two areas overlap – so farms that are on areas of high iodine in the soil, whether they have high iodine levels in their milk.”

Her resume includes a stint as Fergus Fall Fair Ambassador, a member of the Fergus Agricultural Society and Ambassador Committee and a member of the Wellington County Plowmen’s Association.

Rogerson’s long-term goal is to become a veterinarian or being involved in some other way in disease prevention and animal medicine.

The 1 thousand dollar CKNX Radio Farm Advisory Board Bursary is awarded annually to a Midwestern Ontario student enrolled in a post-secondary, agriculture-related program.


Rogerson says she’s specifically looking at a dairy herd health issue.


Rogerson says she’s examining where there are high levels of iodine in the soil and where there are high levels of iodine in the cow’s milk.


Rogerson says she’d like to see more of a connection between what is concluded in the lab and what techniques are actually applied in production practices.