A combine and harvested field of soybeans. (BlackburnNews.com file photo by Simon Crouch)

Regional Corn And Soybean Yields Extremely Variable So Far This Fall

Frank Backx with Hensall District Co-operative says both the corn and soybean yields have been extremely variable this fall.

He says they’re seeing soybean yields anywhere from the low 30’s to 50 bushels an acre.

Corn has been reported as low as 110 and as high as 224 bushels an acre, with about 10 to 20 per cent of that crop harvested so far.

Backx is expecting an average soybean yield between 42 and 45 bushels an acre, slightly below normal.

But he thinks the average corn yield could hit 170 bushels an acre this year for the first time.

The winter wheat planting across the region is way ahead of normal.

Backx suggests we could see up to 1 point 2 million acres of winter wheat planted this year, double what was planted last fall.

Late planting conditions limited wheat planting over the past couple of years and Backx thinks farmers are working hard this fall to get caught up in their rotations.


Backx says the average soybean yield for the area normally runs between 45 and 47 bushels an acre.


He says the corn yields being reported so far are generally better than had been expected.


Backx estimates we could see between 1 and 1 point 2 million acres of winter wheat planted this year.