(Photo courtesy Farm & Food Care Ontario)

S-M Groups Argue Value Of Their Marketing System Under TPP Pressure

The groups representing this country’s supply-managed farmers say there are a lot of misperceptions out there regarding supply management.

They suggest some of those misperceptions are coming from people with vested interests.

The groups representing Canada’s dairy, eggs, chicken and turkey producers have issued a joint statement tackling some of those what they feel are misperceptions.

They argue supply management does not raise prices for consumers.

To back that up, they point out the price of chicken has gone up 3 per cent over the past two years, compared to the over 20 per cent for other meats.

And they quote a 2014 study which showed consumers paid an average of a dollar 30 a litre for fresh milk in Canada, compared with a dollar 83 in New Zealand, 1.81 in France, 1.15 in the U-S and 1.19 in Germany.

The supply-managed groups also argue Canada is not a closed market.

Canada, they argue, imports more chicken, for example, than six of the TPP countries, including the U-S, combined.

And they suggest it’s ironic that New Zealand and Australia, who some suggest Canada should emulate, import no chicken at all.

They’re encouraging people with questions to seek out the other side of the story on supply management by checking out the websites of groups like Dairy Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada, Turkey Farmers of Canada or Chicken Farmers of Canada.