Ontario A-I Quarantines To Be Lifted Soon

The quarantines in the two Avian Influenza Control Zones in Oxford County are expected to be lifted over the next couple of weeks.

The Feather Board Command Centre says the first zone, the one near Woodstock, is scheduled to have it’s quarantine lifted July 20th.

The second zone, near Kitchener, will get it’s quarantine lifted July 29th.

Once those quarantines are lifted, movement permits and licenses will no longer be required and small flock grower placements will be allowed.

The Centre says there is also a three month enhanced surveillance period in Southwestern Ontario before the province can be considered disease free for trade purposes.

That period runs to October 8th.

The Feather Board Command Centre was set up by Chicken Farmers of Ontario, Egg Farmers of Ontario, Ontario Broiler and Hatching Egg Commission and Ontario Turkey to respond to situations like the Avian Influenza outbreak.

The Centre says it’s been pleased with the effectiveness of the containment and risk management procedures put in place to respond to the three confirmed AI diagnosis in the province.