McDonald’s Canada Running Sustainable Beef Pilot Project

A McDonald’s Canada spokesman says the restaurant chain is committed to buying sustainable beef from Canadian producers.

But Jeff Fitzpatrick-Stilwell says the company has no plans to set up it’s own sustainability standard.

He says McDonald’s is running a pilot project on sustainable beef production involving nearly 100 Canadian producers – including a number here in Ontario.

That project is due to wrap up next April.

Fitzpatrick-Stilwell says the results will be passed along to the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

He represents McDonald’s on that Roundtable.

He says he expects McDonald’s globally will be make it’s first purchases of sustainable beef from Canadian producers.


McDonald’s spokesman Jeff Fitzpatrick-Stilwell says they want to work with the industry to come up with a definition of sustainable beef that works in Canada.


Fitzpatrick-Stilwell says that’s why the company is running a pilot program involving nearly 100 Canadian cattlemen – including a number here in Ontario.


Fitzpatrick-Stilwell says the project will wrap up next April.