GFO Says Numbers Suggest Grain Farmers Doing Their Part For Pollinator Health

Grain Farmers of Ontario has jumped on some new figures to suggest farmers are already doing their part for pollinator health.

Data from Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency suggest a 80 per cent drop in bee mortality in the 2015 corn and soybean planting season – compared to 2013.

The PMRA numbers show 259 bee yards reporting bee deaths during the 2013 planting season.

That number dropped to 67 in 2014 – and is down to 42 this spring.

GFO Chair Mark Brock says beekeepers readily admit to the province that poor hive management by beekeepers in four areas are also likely to blame for bee mortalities.

Brock argues the figures show farmers have already done their part on the pesticide management part and asks when beekeepers will be expected to do theirs.