CFIA: Ontario Avian Influenza Situation Different From B-C

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the bird flu situation in Ontario is entirely different from what’s happening in B-C.

The CFIA points out the poultry density around the Woodstock area farm is lower than in the Fraser Valley, there’s only on infected premises in Ontario and there are no signs of infection at any of the other quarantined premises in the province.

The Agency says all those points mean an expansive control zone like the one in B-C is not warranted and would be disproportionate to the risk imposed in the Ontario situation.

The Ontario zone is 10 kilometers, including a total of 29 poultry farms.

Those farms are subject to movement restrictions and require a permit to move any poultry products or by-products out of the premises.

The movement of equipment and other materials are also restricted.

The CFIA says the control zone will only be lifted when it is confident the virus has been adequately contained.

The process usually involves weekly or bi-weekly monitoring and testing for all poultry producers within the zone.