Web Tool Underscores Value Of Cow’s Right Body Condition

(Photo courtesy Farm & Food Care Ontario)

Some beef industry officials think the importance of maintaining cows’ fat cover at an optimal level is underrated.

That’s prompted the creation of a new website to producers how much thin or over-fat cows hurt their bottom line.

The website is www.bodyconditionscoring.ca.

It’s a collaborative effort amongst a number of groups, including the Beef Cattle Research Council, the Alberta Beef Producers and Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan.

The site features an interactive tool to make the value of maintaining cows at the right body condition clear.

It does that in terms of reproductive performance, calf health and other important aspects of production.

For producers who have limited internet access, the information is available on a USB stick at some industry events or through the Beef Cattle Research Council.

The groups involved are hoping the new website will lead to improved bottom lines for cow-calf producers as well as preventing animal welfare concerns during cold winter months.


Doctor Murray Jelinski is at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.


The Council’s Tracy Herbert on why it was built.


Tracy Herbert is with the Beef Cattle Research Council.