Farm Advisory Board member Harve Hoggart (left) and Heather Frook (right) with 2014 FAB Bursary winner Joseph White.

Bornholm-Area Student Wins FAB Bursary

The winner of the 2014 CKNX Radio Farm Advisory Board Bursary is from Perth County.

Joe White is in the second year of the agriculture diploma program at the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus.

He helped re-establish the Perth County Junior Farmers and also helped rebuild the Rostock ball diamond.

White also participated in last year’s Stratford Fair Ambassador program – something he says helped create a passion to advocate for and get others involved in agriculture.

The CKNX Radio Farm Advisory Board Bursary is a 1 thousand dollar prize awarded annual to a student from Midwestern Ontario enrolled in a post-secondary, agriculture -related program.

The bursary recognizes the student’s involvement in their community and in agriculture as well as their future leadership potential in the industry.


White says he’s become more involved in advocating for agriculture over the last couple of years.


White¬†says he’s found many non-farmers don’t seem to understand the agriculture process.


White sees a lot of future potential for young people in agriculture.