This Winter/Spring Critical In Ontario’s PED Battle

Doctor Marty Misener says the 2014-15 winter/spring season will tell the tale about Ontario’s longer-term PED status.

He says the industry has show it is able to eliminate the disease on all types of operations.

Doctor Misener says strong co-operation by producers and other hog industry stakeholders has helped put a lid on the spread of the disease.

But he says now is the time to spend the money on washed and disinfected trucks and to focus on biosecurity.

A Niagara Region finishing barn is the latest with a confirmed PED diagnosis.

That was confirmed earlier this week.

It’s the third new case in the past 4 weeks after going from mid-July without any new cases being reported.

The virus prefers the colder weather.


Doctor Marty Misener expects to have fewer than 20 left in the positive category by the end of the year.


Misener feels we’re heading into a critical period right now.


Misener says the industry is working together to provide options for producers to move their animals if barns are infected