Midwestern Ontario Company Makes Corn-Based Plastic Film

A Wingham-based company says it’s corn-based plastic film can now compete, price-wise, against traditional petroleum-based products on the market.

BI-AX International General Manager Tom Inglis says that comes after 10 years of developing and manufacturing the film.

Inglis says he’s optimistic the pricing plus the environmental benefits will help the company expand the market for it’s Evlon plastic film.

The plastic resin they use for the film comes from corn.

It’s processed by a company in Minnesota.

Inglis says it would be possible to do the processing in Ontario, but figures there’s not enough of a market yet to make that processing cost-efficient to set up.

BI-AX International has two plants – one in Wingham, the other in Tiverton.

Depending on the product demand they employ between 20 and 70 people.


Inglis says it comes from a process similar to making ethanol.


Inglis says they’ve been making the film for about 10 years now.


Inglis says they get the resin from a company in Minnesota.