Corn And Soybean Crops Under Weather Watch

The weather over the next 4-6 weeks is going to dictate the success of the province’s corn and soybean crops.

Grain Farmers of Ontario CEO Barry Senft says growers haven’t gotten the kind of summer weather they needed to make up for the late spring seeding. ┬áHe thinks the soybeans will be okay – but he says the jury will be out on the corn, depending on how long frost stays out of the province.

Senft points out that U-S corn and soybean growers are also seeing their crops slow to mature this year.

He says that’s not having an impact on the market, yet – but thinks if weather problems continue it should start influencing prices.


Grain Farmrs of Ontario CEO Barry Senft says the summer didn’t give growers the kind of weather they needed to compensate for the spring’s late seeding.


Senft says even U-S growers aren’t seeing their crops mature as quickly as they usually do.