Huron Leasing Land For SCIA Demos

Huron County and the Huron County Soil and Crop Improvement Association have came to a lease agreement for a piece of land in Clinton.

The property runs from the Health Unit on highway four, east to Highway 8.

The county has agreed to lease it to the Association for one dollar a year for the next ten years.

President Stefen Zetehner says they plan to use the land as a demonstration site to showcase how Huron County farmers can incorporate new conservation tillage practices and Ontario best management practises to reduce run-off on their property.

Zetehner says changing climate conditions are putting extra pressure on land and they want to help Huron County farmers minimize that impact.


Zetehner says they want to bring in guest speakers and use the land as a demonstration site to show Huron County farmers how they can improve their land