New York Researchers Find Fungicide Resistant Fusarium Strain

It doesn’t mean the sky is falling – but OMAF’s Albert Tenuta says it does show the importance of being good stewards of the technology.

Researchers at Cornell University in New York have found a strain of fusarium head blight that’s resistant to some major fungicides.

While no similar strains have been found here in Ontario, Tenuta cautions the discovery shows the potential for that happening.

He says it’s important for farmers to use resistant wheat varieties, rotate fungicide choices and limit the use of wheat fungicides to flowering to keep those products from being over-used.

Tenuta points out doing that kind of integrated fusarium head blight management growers will be able to avoid the possible future loss of some very effective products.


OMAF’s Albert Tenuta says it shows the importance of being good stewards of the technology.


Tenuta says we shouldn’t be surprised by that.


While Tenuta says no resistant strains have been found in Ontario yet, it’s important farmers be aware of the potential of that happening.


Listen to Tenuta’s full commentary here: