High Hopes For Input Price Comparison App

A new mobile application will give Canadian farmers the chance to compare input price quotes with what’s being paid elsewhere in the country.

The AgPriceBook app is available free through either the Apple or Google Play app stores.

It’s been put together by the FNA Strategic Agriculture Institute.

It gives farmers the chance to post prices they’ve been quoted or actually paid for specific input products.

They can also view prices posted within a 100 kilometer diameter from a centre-point location they select, or larger areas, for comparison.

App users are anonymous and specific retailers are not identified.

CEO Bob Friesen says the more farmers can learn about and compare prices, the better off they are.

He says if enough farmers use the app, the data could provide the most reliable tracking of farm input prices ever available.

But Friesen points out it will be farmers who make or break the application.

If too few farmers are willing to post prices, he says the price finding features will be of little value and the data collected won’t be enough to generate useful reports.