Maple Leaf Defends It’s Horizon Poultry Operation

A Maple Leaf Foods spokesman says the animal rights group which targeted it’s Hanover poultry plant has a mandate to eliminate meat consumption.

He goes on to say that Mercy for Animals takes radical measures to persuade people.

An undercover video shot by that group was part of a CBC T-V news report this week.

It included shots of dead chicks coming out of a dishwasher and an employee euthanizing chicks by dumping them into a mechanical macerator.

A statement from Maple Leaf says all the company’s operations are required to undergo what he calls comprehensive annual third-party animal welfare audits conducted by auditors certified by the Professional Animal Auditors Certification Organisation.

But it also says no workplace environment is 100 per cent risk free.

The statement says they are reviewing all of their protocols at the Hanover facility with their people.

Maple Leaf says the company will take immediate action to ensure they follow the best possible standard of animal care.