Access To Information Requests Concern BFO

Some Ontario cattlemen have received Access to Information requests through the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Those letters have raised some concerns among the farmers involved.

Beef Farmers of Ontario Policy Advisor Richard Horne points out many of those producers operate their family homes and their businesses from the same address.

He says the Access to Information requests could see them releasing personal information, including names and 911 information.

Horne says they’re also concerned about the possible implications on the producer’s competitiveness.

Beef Farmers of Ontario is advising any cattlemen who get Access to Information requests to contact their organisation as quickly as possible.

Horne says they’ll help those producers craft an appropriate response to those letters.

And he points out if producers don’t respond to the letters within 20 days the CFIA will take that as consent and will release the information being requested.


Richard Horne says those requests have raised concerns about the kind of information that could be collected through those requests.


Horne says BFO has a legal opinion on dealing with those requests and are working through that to generate some key messages for producers on how best to handle them.


Horne says members who get those letters should get in touch with their organisation as quickly as possible.