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Pork Code An Opportunity For The Industry To Move Forward

Ontario Pork Chair Amy Cronin says people with dramatically different views were involved in the creation of the new Code of Practice for the Handling of Pigs.

She says when that happens it’s not unusual that not all parties are 100 per cent happy with the results.

In this case, Cronin says many hog producers aren’t happy with the push towards more group housing and away from sow gestation stalls.

But she sees that as an opportunity for the industry to move forward – switching over to the new style of housing as new facilities are built.

Cronin says a resolution passed at this year’s Ontario Pork annual meeting was designed to make it clear the province’s hog producers are doing a good job on their farms and care about their animals, 24-7.


Amy Cronin says the development of the new Code of Practice for the Handling of Pigs shows how contentious issues can be dealt with.


Cronin says the move towards group housing for pigs creates an opportunity for producers.


Cronin says when a group like that finally reaches an agreement, it’s not uncommon that not everyone is 100 per cent happy with the result.