$1.5 Million For Water Quality/Quantity Projects

28 Ontario water quality and quantity projects have been approved for government funding.

They’re sharing 1 point 5 million dollars under the Water Adaptation Management and Quality Initiative.

The selected projects are expected to benefit Ontario agricultural producers and organisations.

Ontario Pork is getting funding for a project looking at establishing cover crops in growing corn and small grain crops.

The Middlesex Soil and Crop Improvement Association will use it’s money to evaluate Green Seeker and the Kentucky Algorithm for predicting nitrogen requirements in wheat.

And the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown Campus is getting funding for a total of six projects.

They include using legume crops to minimize nitrogen loss and the evaluation of land application of greenhouse waste water in field vegetable production.

The Water Adaptation Management and Quality Initiative gets it’s money through the Growing Forward 2 program and is administered by Farm and Food Care Ontario.