Ontario PED Update: 47 Confirmed Cases

Two hog operations in Bruce and two in Huron have boosted the total number of farms with confirmed PED cases in Ontario to 47.

The two Bruce County barns and one of the Huron barns are finishers – the other Huron barn is a farrow-to-wean operation.

Oxford County has the largest number of confirmed cases, with 9.

Locally, Huron has 7, Perth and Bruce 6 each and Wellington County has 1.

OMAF says most of the infected barns are either finishers or farrow-to-finish operations – with 18 confirmed cases in each category.

There are 5 wean-to-finish barns involved, 2 farrow-to-wean and nursery barns and 1 farrow-to-feeder and 1 farrow-to-wean operations.

The first case of PED in an Ontario hog barn was confirmed in Middlesex County on January 22nd.