College Closures Will Cost Ontario Ag Research Opportunities

While efforts in eastern Ontario continue to save two agricultural campuses the National Farmers Union warns it isn’t only training that is in jeopardy.

Joe Dama from the Wheatley area is vice president of the the Ontario division of NFU who fears research plots will also be shut down.

“That is vastly important because we are losing all of our independent research,” he says. “That kind of research needs to continue and it just looks like the government wants to throw it off to the private companies.”

Dama would like to see the campuses stay open, and while there is a committee trying to change the decision to close them, he’d like more people to speak out.


Joe Dama of the Wheatley area is NFU-O Vice-President.


Dama says if the University of Guelph closes the Kemptville and Alfred campuses, their research plots will be lost.


Dama says more people should be speaking out to stop those closures.