Huron Group Looking At GF2 For Soil Health Funding

Several members of the Huron Water Protection Steering Committee are looking into the possibility of applying for a Growing Forward 2 grant to improve soil health in the county.

County Forester Dave Pullen says many members of the Committee are already doing a lot of work involving the use of cover crops to reduce erosion, clean up the water and increase agricultural productivity.

He says a lot of Huron County farmers are now looking at cover crops to protect their land from the erosion cause by climate change and more intense rain incidents and higher winds that we’re now seeing.

Pullen points out the added bonus to reducing erosion and creating healthier soil is that it also improves water quality.


Pullen says they’re looking at applying for a Growing Forward 2 grant to help them…


Pullen explains many of them are already working on projects to reduce erosion and improve soil health to address the threat of climate change….