B-C Company Makes Oils, Fertilizer From Food Waste

There’s a company in B-C that’s converting pre-consumer food waste into natural protein, oils and fertilizer.

Enterra Feed primarily uses fruits and vegetables from food producers, grocery stores, food distributors and other traceable sources.

The company uses what it describes as a natural, insect based process that yields concentrated, nutrient rich products use to grow food – including fertilizers.

It recently closed a 5 million dollar funding deal with a Calgary-based fund to help complete it’s first commercial-scale pilot facility.

That facility is in Langley, B-C.

Enterra says it plans to expand to other agricultural and food production areas throughout Canada and the U-S.

The company says it’s process recaptures nutrients that would otherwise be lost through food waste.

An estimated 30 per cent of the world’s food is sent to landfills or composting facilities, removing much of it’s nutrient value from the food cycle.