Corn Fed Beef Now Has It’s Own Forward Pricing Program

Cattlemen enrolled in the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program now have their own forward pricing option.

Brian Kaufman is running the program for Ontario Corn Fed Beef Incorporated.

He says it allows cattlemen to lock-in their prices 4 to 6 months into the future.

It doesn’t require producers to open a futures trading account with a brokerage firm or put up margin money for futures trades placed.

Kaufman says farmers still have the option to send them to any of the packers participating in the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program.

The provincial government is providing financial assistance to the program.

Kaufman says the program will benefit cattlemen already in the Ontario Corn Fed Beef Program, as well as hopefully attract more producers to it.


Brian Kaufman says it allows producers to lock in a firm price anywhere from 4 to 8 months into the future.


Kaufman says it’s designed to be flexible for producers.


Kaufman says they’re looking for blocks of cattle for the program.