New PED-Type Virus Found In Ontario Pigs

Looks like Ontario hog producers have another disease to watch out for.

OMAF says Swine DeltaCoronavirus – SDCV – has been found in samples from six Ontario farms.

These are the first confirmed cases of this particular virus in Ontario.

It’s clinically similar to PED in that it causes diarrhea and vomiting in all age groups and mortality in nursing pigs.

However, the mortality rates appear to be lower than in cases of PED.

It’s not a risk to human health, to food safety or to other animals.

SDCV was originally detected in pigs in Hong Kong in 2012.

It was found in Ohio in 2014.

Testing for the virus is currently available free in Ontario for herds with the symptoms.

SDCV can be prevented in the same way as PED through measures such as strong farm-level biosecurity and the development of herd immunity.

Ontario hog producers are encouraged to contact their vet immediately if animals show any signs of illness or if you’re looking for help in developing biosecurity strategies.